Recent Work:
Founder: MNZ  Creative - USA
Creative Director: Connect Hub - INDIA
Head of Design: MJDS - USA
In-house Designer: Shoretrips - USA
Designer: Z&U Publications - Argentina
Documentary Filmmaking: New York Film Academy - USA
Graphic Design: ORT - Argentina
Google 30: Shortlist - USA
Artist in Residence: Covenant Foundation -USA, New York
Winner: Pixels of Fury - USA, Boston
Winner 2012: Magellan Award - Travel Weekly US
I am Mijal Zagier, and this is my story.
My grandmother taught me that to be an artist, I had to detach myself from any particular media, and keep playing and experimenting with the unknown, to always say yes to new experiences and to be ready to fail if needed. After all, the most successful artists always "try and see what happens"​.

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a family with deep roots in Design and the Arts.

At a young age, I ventured to travel and live abroad. I knew that the more exposed to new cultures I could be, the easier it would be to learn from others. The exploration led me to live for a few years in Holland, Israel, and the USA. I also had some pit stops in Antarctica, Germany, New Zealand, Falkland Islands, South America and other locales.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I opened MNZ Creative, a multi media boutique agency. I got to learn how to integrate graphic design and photography into filmmaking.

In 2015, I was posted in New Delhi, India, as the Creative Director for Connect Hub (advertisement, marketing, video, copywriting, animation, photography and graphic design).

Currently I am in Tel Aviv, Israel leading private projects.

I am forever grateful to all the people that have supported me and shared with me some of their knowledge and passion. It’s because of them I got the motivation to push myself into new territories, that led me to be recognised by different entities such as Google (30 Weeks founder program), The Jewish Artist Lab (as the artist in resident in two consecutive years), Pixels of Fury Napkin (Shutterstock), Magellan Award winner by Travel Weekly (for my ad campaign "Investing in Memories"​) and others.

Nothing excites me more than the unknown. And that, I believe, is fundamental to be a professional in the creative field.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." 
– Albert Einstein
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